Nagy RoshdyTextile wet processing & water treatment

Owner @Consulting, textile digital printing, (Eco-friendly), Water saving & recycling, waste water treatment. Multinational background Ciba - Switzerland and Huntsman - USA @International sales, R&D. 20 years @dyeing, printing and garment production.

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Hi, Hope all is well!
If you are looking for raise in fashion clothing, I have some good ideas.
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Nagy Roshdy

Hi, I have more than 35 years experience in textile and apparel. If you like we can speak about how to develope your business and get more orders. Where are you located?
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Nagy Roshdy

POD Expert, hope your business is going well! If you need help you can call.
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Nagy Roshdy

There is a better alternative than Turkey and very close to it, it is Georgia, where there are many advantages for a project like "Textile digital printed and apparel manufacturing factory" such as:
- Government supports investment and you can have a "Free zone" facility.
- Very low costs for: Electricity, Gas, Land and labor force
- Well connected to Europe and USA with free trade agreements. Also, a source for Caucasus area.
Project is a stand alone and needs between 500 sq. m. to 1000 sq. m. max and can be easily upgraded
Only 1 Designer and 2 - 4 workers needed for 1 unit 1 shift.
1 Unit printing production capacity is 60 - 120 linear meters per hour for fabric weight 120 gm per square meter.

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