Dre BaldwinMental Toughness, Confidence, Discipline

My background is Pro Basketball: 8 countries in 9 years overseas.

I'm now a coach, consultant, professional speaker, author. I work with business professionals, entrepreneurs and athletes.

Specialize in Mental Toughness, Motivation, Confidence, Discipline, Basketball Career Building, YouTube, Branding, New Media Marketing, Establishing Your Platform.

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You should pass on the job completely and have your friend contact someone who is good at doing these things.

The last thing you want is to be paid for a job you
1) Cant complete properly, take forever to do or
2) You come to dread working on as you are not competent.

Yes, you can improve your skills in these areas, but not on someone else's dime who is paying for skills that you don't have!
Work on your own websites/socmed and get good at it, then maybe -- if this is something you want to do -- you can market your services. Having no past clients is better than having unsatisfied past clients who will spread word about your bad work.

Channel: WorkOnYourGa.me 4,600+ videos; new content daily since 2009
1. Differentiation: What are you delivering that no one else is that make you the go-to channel? This creates your brand name and carves out space that you can own. When your the only one delivering what you have, you're not competing with anyone else and you're out of the rat race. There are always more and more joining YT and publishing, so the last thing you want is to be competing against ever-increasing competition.
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