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Partner ship for high technology product as sales & marketing. Also, have my own side business for the consulting for 50-150 employees company of product outsourcing, management, sales couch, business development projects. I am familiar with technology both software and hardware. I could give you advise for product outsourcing and management or sales strategy in Asia.

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First to think of what problem people will usually encounter in their work or life. Then think of idea or way to develope something valuable.

We have implement some measurements to cover all logistic team, for example revenue increase, profit ratio increase. Then other back up and logistic department will get the complete picture how they get the incentive and they will put their weight to help sale division.

Enterprise selling are group decision. The HR job function this will not be a their major KPI as job review. Their company may offer a welfare to their empolyee but the key is what will benefit for HR or their company.

There are many different ways. Either you find someone from this industry to reach your customers or you already knew where is your target customers then you try to approach them by cold call.

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