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30 years of marketing experience as both an entrepreneur (Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies), consulting on start-ups and EVP Marketing (Food & Beverage) in corporate world. Co-founder successful wholesale bakery (Rachel's Brownies) & EVP Marketing ConAgra Snack Foods.( Slim Jim & David's Sunflower). Often counter-intuitive, I am skilled at finding new ways to view marketing challenges. I excel at unravelling the mysteries of marketing. Full profile at my popular marketing blog MomentSlater.


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My suggestion is to find a name that explains the unique and special benefit you deliver to prospective customers. Don't do multiple sites. It is too complicated. Have one site and focus on it and be successful in one area first.
I'd start with your strength. Do one thing great.

Offer to write a free letter for 10 people who have a large following on social media. (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram). In return, if they like what you do, have them post an image, logo and short summary of what you do. Make it simple for them to help share your story.
The key is getting people who value your service tell your story to their friends.

Why don't you do a series of short podcast interviews that allows a professional interviewer to speak to him about different topics/issues that he has conquered. By doing these short podcast interviews, it provides you with shareable content, in his voice, to make him a real person that others can connect with online. I have a deeper interest and connection to people with their actual voice than just a blog or other writing. Perhaps you could have him even read some brief segments from his book.

The key is that the interviewer can help pull out of him the story and can help amplify his efforts.

I have years of experience in innovative marketing approaches. Learn more about me and my work at I consult with agencies, entrepreneurs and large marketing organizations. Let me know if I can be of help to you.

Good luck.


I imagine that most recommendations for physical therapist comes from a Dr. I had an injury on my shoulder and he gave me a suggested PT to go to for help. That would be one place to go offline to see how you get to be a qualified supplier to an orthopedists. One creative approach to this might be to start a podcast where you interview orthopedists about the role of PT. That way, you get to meet them in person and build a connection with them. The podcast could build your personal brand nationally but the real objective is getting to meet orthopedists. It can be done by phone to make it easy for them but at least you get to connect with them directly.
For more ideas, give me a call through Clarity.
Regards, Jeff

I would contact the Private Label Manufacturer Association that has trade shows with people who do contract packaging. You can also contact beverage equipment companies who have customers who use their equipment that can provide leads. More importantly than getting a product made, is what is your reason for a consumer to care about your product? Distribution is the real game selling products like this - I speak from experience having grown a successful wholesale bakery business. Read more about my background here: or connect to talk via Clarity. I advise lots of small companies in this space. Jeff Slater

Videotape people who have benefit from your work and then edit it into a video that is part education and part testimonial.
When your target audience can see people like themselves explaining what they got from a product, service or experience, it makes it easier to understand and more authentic.

I have 30 years of experience in marketing including having a business on INC 500 fastest growing business. I'd be happy to consult with you. I'm also very interested in non-traditional medicine although I don't have any expertise in the field, just a genuine interest.

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