Yannis KaragiannidisGrowth: Marketing, Product, Analytics

The theme of my professional career is understanding why people do what they do and influencing human behavior. I like to work on growth, performance marketing and product Specialties: user acquisition, virality, growth hacking, product design, product development, digital marketing, leadership, analytics, data analysis, PR, promotion, inbound marketing, consumer insights, front-end development, user experience. Things I love: • User Acquisition • User Activation • User Onboarding • User Retention • Referral programs / virality • Pricing • Customer Engagement • Data Analytics • Product Management • Mobile & App Growth • UX & UI Optimization • Growth Hacking

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You can follow the organic or the non organic growth path. But first, I believe that you need to identify your ideal customer and then try to look for ways to reach your audience. What kind of service is this?


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