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The excuses are informing you that you haven't communicated the value of the services you provide. You could consider the following:
1. Hire an experienced sales representative to bring in business.
2. Hire an experienced development professional to help define your marketing campaign from the perspective of the customer and to clearly communicate your value proposition for sales and marketing.
The latter is a universal strategic action that will efficiently increase your income for the duration of your business. Take my advice to from recommendation to revenue by booking a 1-hour call today.

First, examine how you obtained your European and US major customers then repeat that model to obtain more.
Second, consider investing in large industry European and US trade shows.
Third, Attend European and US trade shows and spread the word that your company us seeking US and EU sales representation.

1. Start by identifying who you developed your product or service for.
2. Engage your target customer in the real world.
3. Form 3-4 focus groups to provide feedback to improve product or service value.
4. Present the improved product or service to a second set of focus groups to determine what price they are willing to pay.

You then identify where your best prospective customers can be found in groups and harvest them via direct and digital presentations.

The key to business development and scaling at early stage is to not depend solely on digital platforms and keep your pitch simple and value-driven.
If you value over 2 decades of profitable growth experience, book a call and I will bring profitable growth to your young company.

If you believe local businesses are hard to scale, have small marketing budgets, ehy are you targeting them?
1. Your presumptions about local businesses are inaccurate.
2. Hire someone experienced and successful selling to local businesses to
guide you and your team.
Beware launching a company in a niche that is not your domain - bring help on board stat. If you'd like to discuss how local can be lucrative, I've advised locally focused startups.

It sounds as though your company is pre-revenue so I'm not sure what value you are offering an investor, even at seed stage. As for composing your company summary, it is imperative that you learn how to present your company to investors. You would be better served by creating a small group of experienced advisors to assist with benchmark challenges, strategy and investment prep.

One of the greatest challenges for a marketplace is to try to be all things to all people. If your purpose is to populate the platform with high-quality contractors who will stay with your company and grow your revenue, then jettison startups and focus on established businesses that are earning a baseline income of $250K.

If you don't hone your audience, your income will suffer and you will spend way to much money advertising for contractors and new customers. Better to niche the contractors and customers with a focus on top quality so you spend very little on marketing and grow profits. Book a call to get a strategy tailored for your company's needs.

I believe the best way to generate leads is through direct contact when no one knows your brand. What type of avenues to pursue depends on the service you provide. I'd be happy structure a specific customer/client connection strategy on a call.

Wow, demand exceeding supply is better than you think. Engaging attorneys is easy. Book a 1-hour call with me and I will walk you through the steps.

Hi, I have assisted young companies for more than twenty years. Valuation, Company Narrative and Financials can be prepared with experience and professionalism by quite a few solid firms.
However, at very early revenue I am not certain paying for a valuation, etc. is worth the money at this time.

It's likely your young company hasn't made enough money or had nearly enough customers to prove demand for your service [proof of concept].

You would be wise to continue to build your customer base and revenue in order to have a shot at convincing investors to invest.

Such an excellent question especially relevant as so many corporations are failing. Great points have been made, however market and operational variances are the responsibility of company leadership. How leadership makes decisions and with whose input is determined by experience.
Turn-arounds require precision.

Sears is unfortunately headibg for a corporate graveyard. The hedge fund that acquired Sears made a mess of things.

Sears held three major assets: real estate, Craftsmen tools division and Kenmore appliance division.

The hedge fund liquidated two divisions - typical, but ill-advised. Sears should have judiciously sold real estate, jettisoned Kmart and focused on retailing and wholesaling Craftsman and Kenmore.
Leadership decisions determine the success and failure of companies.

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