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Your low hanging fruit may be partnering exclusively with:
1. a bridal magazine site
2. a wedding registry site

The travel-related services you offer are great for honeymooners and babymoons.

Startup travel:
1. partner with Y Combinator, et. al

In each case offer an exclusive service package. You could process purchases in a way that provides a percentage to the partnering platform. I'm available to detail this process on a call.

Multi-Level Marketing:

1. Preys on women - 3/4 of participants are women
2. Requures participants to purchase over-priced goods
3. Focuses on recruiting new participants
4. Does not focus on product sales
5. Leaves participants deeply in debt
6. Also known as distributorships

Pyramid Schemes are illegal in the US. The Federal Trade Commission views Any distribution company that focuses on recruiting and Not Sales as a Pyramid Scheme.

An excellent alternative to manufacturing offshore is to take a look at Maker's Row. The site makes the process of selecting manufacturers, designers, etc. very easy for first-timers. The co-founder of Reddit is an investor.

I launched my first two companies concurrently at age 19. I was successful because I understood both markets well. Having multiple businesses is only useful if you understand their markets thoroughly.

Your ability to communicate objectives, hire the best fit team and scale each business is routed in your knowledge of your target markets.

Divest yourself of any business you are unsure of because uncertainty weakens your focus not the number of companies.

1. Is your workshop targeting a primary educational focus?
2. Emailing is not useful in sales until after a relationship through direct contact has been established.
I will be happy to detail what I have discovered about approaching schools successfully through 2 different client interactions on a call.

The key skill sets are determined by whom you are targeting for training. Customer acquisition channels will also be determined by whom you are targeting.

Closing sales, brand awareness and targeted marketing will keep your company growing. However, you have to be prepared to put in the effort. Launching is the easiest part of the process. Now, comes the hard part - growth and sustaining it. Collaboration is the smartest way to make your company go from unknown to known with endorsements. Team up with accelerators - know that their successful startups stay in touch. Reach out by phone to the Daves at Techstars. Define and refine your company mission. Make your value proposition crystal clear And compelling. You will get one shot to persuade accelerator leadership to take a meeting and work with you. Be sure to have your act together.

Your most efficient resources are entrepreneurial publications, trend reports, venture capital investment trends and large accelerators such as Techstars and Y Combinator.

1. Your accountant is not the person you go to for Legal Advice. 2. Unless the purchasing agreement is signed by Both Parties it can still be amended. 3. The prospective buyer may have submitted a template purchasing agreement they obtained online. Have an attorney who specializes in business law review and amend the agreement to protect your intellectual property and to maximize your price. You can sell your company once, so don't risk cheating yourself. Get legal assistance.

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