Hernan Jaramillo3 youtube channels with more than 500M views

Created 3 youtube channels with more than 500M views.

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Raised $100M for Eat Just as VP of Business Development
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That is the problem of taking money in. Investors have the right to "scrutinize" transactions if they want. It is also a sign that probably you are not reporting they way it should be. You should maybe grant access to the investor to you backend via an api or even just allow them to have access to the data base you keep your records. If you do something like stripe or paypal just grant him access as an additional user.

I have 2 youtube channels and combined I have more than 100M views, my 2nd Channel is growing by 70% month to month and I estimate that this channel by itself will produce 30-50M views per month end of 2016. With that said the single most important stat you should be on the lookout is engagement rate. Try to have videos that have a high engagement rate, preferably anything that is above 50%, if you want further details and other techniques happy to have a call

This was a good strategy like 5 years ago and its not even considered spam by Google. Any CMS, from Magento, Shopify or Wordpress should do the trick. Remember that even if you have many pages GOOGLE will only crawls a certain % of them, so a healthy ratio of indexed pages/supplementary index is the trick here. The more trusted your site is, the higher the ratio. Also you need to figure a way to make any static content "Crawl-able" by adding reviews or comments of some sort. Amazon really does it well, that is why they rank so high.

I have an educational marketplace with more than 700k students. We started by driving traffic from our youtube channel which currently has more than 75M views. Happy to connect on a call

Have no idea? No problem, spend 2 to 3 hours a day and subscribe to podcasts of "wild" thinkers such as: Tim Ferris, a16z, the startup chat, art of charm. Listen to them for a week you will have a clearer vision or idea of what the next step should be. On contrary to all belief do not rush yourself, have more fun and party more you are only 18 once ;)
Work can always wait...

Use sites such as angel.co, gust.com, your startup does not need to be in the US to get funding if it is properly pitched and has amazing traction

If you are able to track or follow the sellers contact info or twitter handle. Send them a link with the pre populated link of how their offering could look using your service. Owler.com has an interesting way of tweeting out someones competition that way if the owner of a specific startup is tracking their brand they are drawn to their pre built link....your product could resemble this tactic. In essence you plant a seed and if the rightful owner sees it, then they may claim it. Show it built first, then sell it ;)

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