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I believe that one of the biggest challenges when considering innovation is to maintain an innovative mindset whilst still being able to adhere to a company strategy and business model. Certainly there will be many innovations which in and of themselves are very good but the skill is in making sure that whilst it may be a "neat idea" or "novel solution" that it actually address a need, rather than simply an alternative which may be more risky. This means that some ideas will need to be rejected or put on hold which is where maintaining the innovative mindset within the business becomes a challenge.

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I think that should focus on the core aspects of the skills that you have and build from there. Clearly you have expertise, so emphasise that and then as you go build on it. You may be surprised just how much of an "expert" you are when you really consider your experience and knowledge on a certain aspect of your field of interest. Taking a course if fine, but it needs to be done building upon what you already have so that it compliments your skills and abilities. That will set you apart from the competition. Anyone can take a course, but no-one else has your specific life experience or skills.
It seems to me like you need someone to help in defining precisely what you are aiming to be an expert in and then take it from there, with articles, blogs, podcasts etc.
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