Razvan GirmaceaCEO & SEO at Monitor Backlinks

SEO consultant for more than 7 years and after that founder of SEO tool Monitor Backlinks. E-commerce Start-up consultant (4 years of experience). ----- CEO & SEO of Monitor Backlinks http://monitorbacklinks.com Friendly SEO Tool that helps you manage your incoming links ---------- Search Engine Optimization expert Accelerator in Lisbon 50.000 euro investment from Ireland (SOSVentures)

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To get constant traffic you need to get higher rankings for competitive keywords. I just watch 6 of my competitors for what links they are building and reach out where I can to ask for reviews.

I have actually built my startup to do exactly that. Monitor Backlinks (http://monitorbacklinks.com)

I don't use a lot of tools for my startup, just this ones:
-intercom.io - really great to schedule automated messages and it can be synced with your database and have custom fields. Very easy to setup
-Google Apps (analytics,gmail, webmaster tools)
-Monitor Backlinks (my own startup) to build links to my website

Disclaimer: I am the CEO & Founder of Monitor Backlinks

Those updates are great because it made white hat SEO guys focus on what we know it always worked in the long term and elimiated the competition that tried to get in front with fast black hat tactiques.

What worked great for me is to watch what competitors are building and to reach out where I could to get a review myself. So focus on building a great product and ask people to review it.

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