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Need help increasing traffic and sales to your website? I specialize in the following:

I specialize in Marketplace Selling, Email Marketing, Social Media and Google PPC.

1) Drive more traffic to your website using Email Marketing
This includes:
- Customer Segmentation
- A/B Testing
- Dynamic Content
- Triggered Email campaigns (welcome, post-purchase, win-back etc.)
- List Building
- List Nurturing
- Increasing CTOR and conversion rate

2) Get your product in front of more eyes using marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay
- How to succeed on Amazon and FBA
- Finding the right marketplaces for your product (Ebay, Etsy, Rakuten etc.)
- Understanding each marketplaces, costs, terms and conditions, fee structure and more.

3) Get your brand noticed across Social Media
- Increase visibility in front of millions of fans
- Using social media as a sales tool by leveraging their audience options
- Host contests to increase your customer base

4) Increase product and brand visibility on Google
- Setting up successful brand campaigns
- Setting up successful shopping campaigns
- Optimizing keywords
- Optimize ad extensions for increased CTR

Recent Answers

It's great to see the focus on social. Especially in fashion, channels like Instagram are the perfect place to be visible. I've worked brands on increasing engagement and subsequently sales on social media for more than 5 years now.

I recommend the following especially as a startup I know resources may not be readily available:

1. Ensure you have a tool that schedules your posts for you like (which is free) so you can plan your week, month of posts ahead of time.

2. Be active on Instagram and stories. Ensure you have the right hashtags when posting.

3. In conjunction with Facebook run and promote a contest (if you have the budget) in which you ask for a follow + to tag of 2 or 3 friends in order for a chance to win.

4. Find influencers (if you have the budget) to talk about your brand from their profile.

I would be happy to help you come up with plan to make this happen! Feel free to book a call to discuss.

This is common struggle I face with our growing email list at my current employer. I'll start by saying that email is still the best way to reach customers in my opinion.

I would first recommend that you segment your list in 3 areas.

1. Recent subscribers (within 60 days - does not matter yet if they've opened an email or not)
2. Engaged subscribers (on your list for more than 60 days and have opened/clicked on your campaigns)
3. Lapsing subscribers - On your list for more than 60 days without opening an email.

What this does is allow you to tailor your message depending on the list. In some cases you can even decide to send less to the Lapsing subscribers (for example) since they need more nurturing (a more aggressive subject line, more enticing offer).

Facebook is another way to get your message across. This was mentioned in another answer and it is 100% true. You can easily build an audience and use the same segments you created above to match your budgets to your segments. This way you spend smart.

Happy to hop on a call with you. I'm offering it for free as I am new on Clarity but have over 10 years experience in email marketing.


These are all great channels to be visible on. In some cases, depending on the product, I would recommend Google PPC or shopping ads since you have your own website.

Otherwise I would say Facebook or develop/build an Email list to eventually integrate email marketing in to your strategy.

Why Facebook? Their resources and how you can fine tune audiences really allows you to spend your budget in a smart way.

Why Email? Email marketing is the best way to remind people that you're alive and say "Hey, I have something that you might like!" And if they don't buy anything, at least you have them pixeled on your site and you can re-target them.

I'd be happy to discuss more on call. I'm new on Clarity but have over 10 years experience selling and marketing online. I'm offering free calls to help boost my account.


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