Podcast Episode

Burnt. Out.

  3  9

How are you feeling today? Chances are, as a Founder, some version of tired, worn out, mentally foggy, or stressed part of the answer. We're going to dive into burn out. How to see it coming, how to avoid it, and how to recharge when you've gone too far.

Podcast Episode

Am I a Fraud?

  2  21

As a Founder, when was the last time you felt like you had no idea what you were doing? Today we talk about why feeling like a fraud is actually a very normal part of Founder life.

Podcast Episode

Work Life Balance

  2  7

Stay longer. Work harder. Sleep less. As startup Founders we've all gone through periods where this felt necessary. Learn how balancing life and your startup is actually beneficial for you and your company.


10 Bits Of Sales Wisdom From An Enterprise Expert


Creating a healthy sales organization is imperative for startups that want to eventually scale-up. Mastering the ups and downs of sales cycles requires that you get a lot of important factors right –from hiring and managing, to prospecting and pitching, to reporting and pipeline analysis, and much more.


Protect Your Brand: Push Your Product, Not the Promotion


Rather than make the brand part of a promotion, make the promotion part of the brand. You’ll turn your promotions into opportunities to develop your brand.


The Anatomy of Determination


Determination is the best predictor of startup success. Determined people have three qualities: discipline, ambition, and willfulness.


Efficiently Launching Your New Web-Based Business Idea in 2017


Before you approach investors, focus on building out and maturing your idea—which can be faster and cheaper than you’d think.

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