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When Should Someone Else Run My Company?

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We're going to discuss why superior managerial skills don't necessarily trump a Founder's passion and knowledge as a company scales — and how to decide what to let go of...and when.

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Eric Hodge

I remember reading about Sara Blakely in a Grad School Case Study. She brought on her experienced CEO when she hit $3million-$4 million yearly revenue. I thought wow that is pretty early.

Podcast Episode

Am I a Fraud?

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As a Founder, when was the last time you felt like you had no idea what you were doing? Today we talk about why feeling like a fraud is actually a very normal part of Founder life.

Podcast Episode

Work Life Balance

  2  7

Stay longer. Work harder. Sleep less. As startup Founders we've all gone through periods where this felt necessary. Learn how balancing life and your startup is actually beneficial for you and your company.


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