ArticleWhy I'm Either Working or Feeling Guilty

Why I'm Either Working or Feeling Guilty

I have two modes — working all the time and feeling guilty about not working all the time. There's no third mode.

I'd love to say this is a new phenomenon or that I've got some monopoly on this curse, but having spoken to countless Founders just like me, it appears I'm certainly not alone.

Now, part of that might just be self-selection. Perhaps the people who tend to work tirelessly often want to do it for themselves, or at the very least, have more motivation than the people they left back in their cubicle farm. I can't think of anyone who works harder than a Founder without anyone telling them to do it!

How Did This All Start?

Everyone's origin story comes from somewhere else, so I can't pretend to triangulate the genesis of this afflicti...

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