ArticleWhy Can't Founders Replace Themselves?

Why Can't Founders Replace Themselves?

There's a reason the only way to get the "Founder" job title is to start the company — because there's no way to hire for it otherwise.

When I was running my first company, I was in my mid-20s with a hilarious lack of experience. The company was growing quickly, and we went from "a few people in a room" to "a few hundred people in a room," and soon my lack of experience (and pimples) was becoming very evident.

I was scared, so I set out to find a replacement for me, someone who could not only bring more experience but more confidence to the staff in executive leadership. We found an "old guy" who, at the time, I think was maybe 38, probably less, but he had some gray hair and was orders of magnitude more mature than the lot of us.

Try #1: C...

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