ArticleWhen is Founder Ego Too Much?

When is Founder Ego Too Much?

When is our ego an asset and when is it our greatest enemy?

The startup world is loaded with big egos, and if we're being honest, it kind of needs to be. We operate in one of the most insecure environments there is, where everyone is creating something out of nothing and hoping that next week they can simply make payroll. Without a little overconfidence, that's not an easy path to follow.

But that same overconfidence, when it's just pure ego, can also be our downfall. There's a point where we're no longer just confident, we're actually starting to lose our self-awareness altogether, and that's a dangerous spot. Many Founders don't even see it happening.

We Treat Assumptions like Facts

Early in our startups, we're forced to make a lot of big...

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