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Launch your online learning programs with Fig Learning. The all-in-one eLearning solution for Small & Mid-sized businesses.

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Fig Learning partners exclusively with Small & Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs) to deliver modern and engaging online learning experiences (programs) to any corporate audience: employees, customers, and partners.

By combining two of the best learning technologies, Docebo (LMS) and OpenSesame (content library), into a single online learning solution, SMBs find it easier to develop essential skills, foster internal collaboration, stay compliant, and deliver effective customer and partner online training programs.

With your guidance we'll custom brand and design the experience to meet the needs of your target audience(s).

Our all-in-one learning solution is designed to minimize the administrative burden and leave more time to focus on business success. By managing the platform on our customers behalf, we remove many of the complexities and barriers of traditional learning programs.


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