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PoE is an international advisory firm, assisting startups achieve their business goals, reduce pain-points and get "investor-ready". This includes everything from optimizing cost-base to ensure optimal growth spending, through to preparing an investor pitch deck and crafting your exit strategy. See how we can help you!

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PoE is an international advisory firm, helping startups to tackle the following pain-points;

1. Structuring your sales organization to fully capitalize on the underlying business model to achieve your growth targets

2. Define and implement a successful go-to-market strategy

3. Analysis and optimize your cost base to ensure optimal growth capital spending

4. Define the optimal organizational structure and recommend key hires and responsibilities

5. Prepare investor presentations to increase the likelihood of a successful investor introduction dramatically

6. Fundraise strategy and outline, i.e. optimize your fundraising process with thoughts towards your valuation and how much to raise and when to protect your shareholding

7. Exit Strategy: Define and implement a road map to a preferred EXIT outcome (IPO, M&A, Succession etc.) and aligning this with the overall fundraising strategy

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