Intro to Hacking

with Greg Osuri

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Hacker best practices, attributes included

Greg Osuri

Co-Founder of OverClock, Angel Hack &, Coding & Hacking Expert

Lessons Learned

The six hacker principles are pragmatism, resourcefulness, focus, velocity, speed, and fun.


Lesson: Intro to Hacking with Greg Osuri

Step: #9 The Principals: Hacker best practices, attributes included

Principles of a hacker are being pragmatic, being resourceful, keeping the end goal in mind, what you're trying to achieve and trying to get there as fast as possible and maintain the velocity, I think are the core four features. Also having fun while doing it.

The difference between a career programmer versus a hacker . . . I'm not saying that hackers are not career programmer, but the core difference is that hackers hack for fun, and others may not hack for fun – or may not code for fun.

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