Intro to Hacking

with Greg Osuri

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We have only just begun

Greg Osuri

Co-Founder of OverClock, Angel Hack &, Coding & Hacking Expert

Lessons Learned

People have always hacked, even before computers existed.

Hacking is here to stay.

You will see more penetration and greater spread of the hacking culture.


Lesson: Intro to Hacking with Greg Osuri

Step: #10 The Future: We have only just begun

Hacking is always going to be like making music. I think it's here to stay, I mean people always hacked. These days its spread across little more than what it used to be back in the day. But people always hacked, even before the computers existed. It's always going to stay and now you're seeing Agile development and Lead startups surrounding themselves with the core mentality of hacking, considering the speed and everything. I think we're going to see a lot more people hacking than just pure computer software programs today.

There are a lot of code schools that are having one mission to bring more people into learning how to code. This is a big emphasis from Code for America. There is a lot of development and we've seen White House through a hackathon recently and Facebook did a congressional hackathon. So there's a lot of interest from a lot of different angles over hacking. I think we're going to see more penetration and more spread out of this culture.

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