How to Get Press

with Ari Dyckovsky and Catalin Voss

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Press Releases

Determine whether or not you should author a press release

Ari Dyckovsky

Arktos Co-Founder

Catalin Voss

Founder of Sension, Innovator, PayNearMe Mobile Software Engineer

Lessons Learned

Press releases are only needed with PR firms. Cold calls are way more fun.

The closest we’ve come to writing a press release is retweeting an article on Twitter.

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Lesson: How to Get Press with Ari Dyckovsky & Catalin Voss

Step #2 Press Releases: Determine whether or not you should author a press release

Catalin: No, of course not. There's no press release. That's if you go down the embargo and the wrath of: you hire a P.R. firm, you send them the release, they try to pitch a bunch of people on it, but then you have someone else pitching your story. It's much more energetic if it's, "Hey, I'm some 18-year-old sitting in your San Francisco office showing you a Google Glass app that I predict that will change the world." That's what they're looking for. If they see a press release, it's like, “Oh, that's a press release.” Somebody is asking for press as opposed to here's some like interesting kid doing me the favor of sharing an interesting story.

Ari: At Arktos, we have never really written a press release. The closest we've gotten was maybe saying a, “Thank You" on Facebook or retweeting on Twitter.

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