How to Get Press

with Ari Dyckovsky and Catalin Voss

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Use these resources to improve your success with press

Ari Dyckovsky

Arktos Co-Founder

Catalin Voss

Founder of Sension, Innovator, PayNearMe Mobile Software Engineer

Lessons Learned

Use resources in your network, as opposed to immediately rushing to a PR firm.

Learning about marketing and PR allows you to better tailor a story to the press.

If you don't know something, teach yourself.


Lesson: How to Get Press with Ari Dyckovsky & Catalin Voss

Step #10 Resources: Use these resources to improve your success with press

With Arktos, our PR movement hasn't really been in tandem with using a firm. Instead we have actually used a lot of our resources in our network, asking them questions about how to approach PR, as well as things just like reading books by marketing professors, and those who have been involved in PR in the past, just learning from others' experiences, and then applying that knowledge to our own.

For example, I at Arktos, head up PR and a lot what we have done has been just based on things that I have read and advice that I have gotten from people that I have talked to. One book that has been really influential to how I’ve approached PR is "Made to Stick" by Chip and Dan Heath. The book is very much about marketing and about branding an idea, and the important concept behind it is to really understand what the essentials of an idea are and how to make them sticky. The same is true for PR. You need to pick the most important parts of what you are talking about and release that to the public, and make sure that part of the idea sticks.

The resources that I have used for PR have helped me a lot, mostly, because they give me a perspective and context. One of the problems that I have had in the past, especially with reaching out, is that I wouldn't really know exactly the right things to say or what they are looking for, and so as I learn more about marketing and PR, I can actually start to tailor reaching out to press and different media outlets about not what I think is important, but what I think will make a good story for them.

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