Founder Framework

with Manu Kumar

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Ice Cream

The customer experience of wants vs needs

Manu Kumar

Entrepreneur turned Investor, Founder of K9 Ventures, Team & Starting Up Expert

Lessons Learned

How will customers experience your product?

A "root canal" customer experience is something you need but don't want.

An "ice cream" customer experience is one that people want, but they know it's not good for them.


Lesson: Founder Framework with Manu Kumar

Step #10 Ice Cream: The customer experience of wants vs needs

How will users experience your products? This is one of my favorite ones. You can think about ice cream. Ice cream is a product that people want. They often know it's probably not very good for them, but they still want to have ice cream.

Think of a root canal. That's a product people don't really want, but they know they have to have it once in a while.

The third example is getting mugged. You don't want it, you absolutely don't want it to happen at all, but sometimes it just happens and you are in that situation and you have to do it.

I’ll put the example of compliance. If you are doing a compliance-based product, I really don't want to do this, but I just have to it. That would be an example of like the root canal type of product.

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