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Burnt. Out.

  3  8

How are you feeling today? Chances are, as a Founder, some version of tired, worn out, mentally foggy, or stressed part of the answer. We're going to dive into burn out. How to see it coming, how to avoid it, and how to recharge when you've gone too far.

Podcast Episode

Am I a Fraud?

  2  18

As a Founder, when was the last time you felt like you had no idea what you were doing? Today we talk about why feeling like a fraud is actually a very normal part of Founder life.

Podcast Episode

Work Life Balance

  2  7

Stay longer. Work harder. Sleep less. As startup Founders we've all gone through periods where this felt necessary. Learn how balancing life and your startup is actually beneficial for you and your company.

Podcast Episode

Preparing Your Spouse for a Startup

  3  20

As a Founder, you've likely spent years in the build-up to actually starting your company, but how much time did you dedicate to preparing your spouse for the leap into entrepreneurship?

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Jeremiah Prummer

I think it's really hard to know what to expect in your first startup. Because of that, I didn't prepare my wife well for it, and we had to work through it on the fly. We learned a lot together, and ultimately discovered where each of our limits were.

At the end of the day, I chose to honor her limits and step away from running the startup in a full time capacity. The result has been a greater trust on her part and (I believe) a greater tolerance for future risk.

It's been a little over a year since I stepped away full-time, and we're BOTH dreaming about what the next startup would look like and what we need to make it work. We'll be much better prepared the next time around, but I don't think we could have done much more to prepare the first time.

Podcast Episode

Equity Doesn't Mean Equal


50-50 even-Steven when splitting equity is best, right? Not so much. Turns out cutting things right down the middle is rarely fair to start and only gets further out of balance as time goes on.

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Pedro Machado

Evaluating the real contribution of every partner is also subjective. Partner A may do all the work but Partner B, for example, has such good contacts in the industry that, alone, Partner B can catapult the company from 0 to 6-0 in no time at all. Years ago I had a lazy partner that had the gift of being able to get through the front door of a potential client, without a referral, without an appointment, knowing nobody inside and getting out with a signed contract. He had 50% of the company, worked a full 8 hours... per week, and was the best partner I have ever had. Besides, you can compensate the difference in work participation with salary, bonuses... and keep the partnership intact.

Podcast Episode

Can I Have a Boss Again?

  15  10

As a Founder, what happens when we're forced into going back to reporting to someone else now that we've tasted the freedom of Founderhood?

Top Comment
Wil Schroter

Hey everyone this is Wil Schroter, the Co-Host of Startup Therapy and the Founder + CEO of Just wanted to say thank you for listening and writing in over the past year.

We're launching these new forums to allow every one in the community to begin sharing their experiences and where possibly, helping each other out.

We'll all be watching these threads closely, so if you have something to say, please know you've got our ear!


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