crowdfunding consults funding on commission people help me build ideas broker and futuristic think tank firm i need help finding people and funding


Here are some suggestions for finding people and funding for your crowdfunding consultancy and futuristic think tank firm:

Reach out to local incubators, accelerators, and entrepreneurship organizations. They may have mentors, advisors, or investors in their networks who could help.

Post about your idea on relevant subreddits, forums, and communities to generate interest and feedback from potential partners/contributors.

Contact local colleges, universities, and research institutions. See if any professors or students would be interested in collaborating on projects.

Apply to startup competitions and accelerator programs. These often come with funding, mentorship, and exposure.

Create a pitch deck clearly outlining your vision and how you create value. Approach angel investors, VC funds, and impact investors who may be a good fit.

Run a crowdfunding campaign yourself to prove demand and gain early supporters and advisors. Use the funds raised for initial development.

Partner with related businesses as referral partners. For example, work with design and development firms to spin off project ideas.

Leverage your network on LinkedIn and through past work or school connections. Cold outreach to those who may appreciate your vision.

Consider offering equity in exchange for initial services from developers, marketers, etc. to get startup costs covered.

Approach philanthropic organizations and impact investors focused on futuristic issues like sustainability, AI safety, etc.

Build social proof through blogs, podcasts, and online courses to attract paying clients and collaborators organically over time.

Answered 3 months ago

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