My business specializes with servicing construction sites with diesel fuel. Trying to find more efficient ways to collect payment and track


Hello, first you have to detect the main problem with collection, it is time?, it is collection costs?, it is lack of cash flow?

Answered 4 years ago

Hello, How do you collect payment? cash or via wired transfer? Normally your payment request (invoice) should have an unique number, and this should be linked with the payment in order to track it. if it is a wired transfer, you can request tot the ones which are paying to input this unique number in the payment description.
There are also software which help you to create and track you invoices.

Answered 4 years ago

there are numerous payment methods today - more than ever. Also, there are various tools and software that measures the amount of liquids that have flowed through a certain point.
So there are available solutions, but in order to give you a proper, educated answer I would need to know how you currently deliver the fuel (fuel truck? Barrels?), do you do it yourself or one of your workers? How (online? Bank transfer? App?) and when do you currently collect payment? Also, what is the problem that you are experiencing.
What country do you work in? All the above influence which solution fits best.

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Answered 4 years ago


There are several ways you can collect payments but you need to put certain controls in place to make the collection efficient. These controls will ensure that the collections are complete and accurate. They will also prevent unauthorised access to the funds.

I will need some background information on your existing collection method. This will determine if we need to design another collection method entirely or we just need to put some controls in place for the existing method (to save the cost of designing a new one). You can schedule a call with me so we can design these controls and also work on the implementation together.

Answered 4 years ago

There's a ton of tools available online that could help with this problem a good example would be a solution like Due that is integrated with platforms like paypal that would make the process of getting paid much much easier.
You can see the link below and i would encourage you to look at other optiona as well to see which would work best with your business.

Answered 4 years ago

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