How do I set up a branding business in Africa?


This is a very large matter, of course. It needs thorough investigation, otherwise would be a grandiose waste of money and time and will lead to a failure.
I have business experience in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. And I am convinced, whatever is well working in one place, doesn't work mandatory well in other places.
Provided, it is not about any international brand of electronic gadgets, construction machines, power generators or fashion clothes.
As you say to "set up branding business", obviously you mean to set up a new brand.
In that case, first I advise if you are not African, find somebody lived for long and last years there. Local mentality and culture' knowledge is the most important factor.
There are tons of investigations, reports, etc. from banks, agencies, companies or private investigators. Those can be supportive to you. But the main support shall be from a local person, he/she will explain to you the culture. And there is the starting point of your business.
all the best

Answered 5 years ago

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