Which are the top companies providing SAP Enterprise Resource Planing (ERP) software implementation services in Indonesia?

In the past decade SAP has seen significant usage in Indonesia. Many companies provide services to implement this ERP software.


In my past life as a back office Account Executive at Oracle (and having competed against SAP in numerous sales cycles), selecting an implementation partner for a project as complex and important as an ERP implementation should not be taken lightly.

I believe your question shouldn't be asking "which are the top companies providing SAP ERP implementation services in Indonesia"- you should be thinking about the specific company/industry you are trying to implement your ERP system on and consider whether or not this ERP implementation company has the specific experience/team(s) to successfully integrate a robust ERP system to support your business.

Several questions to ask when selecting an ERP implementation service partner:

1. Has this implementation company/provider implemented SAP ERP systems for this specific niche/industry? If so how many have they successfully completed and how long did these implementations take?

2. Do they have a statement of work that details the exact steps to implement an ERP system for your business? Has there been workshops with your technical implementation teams figure out the finer details and define a week-by-week execution plan?

3. What is the price point for this implementation partner vs others? Are they charging a comparable rate? If they are more expensive, why? Do they have more industry implementation experience? Can they customize workflow(s) to fit your business?

Happy to jump on a call to help you understand what factors you should be considering when selecting an ERP provider.

Answered 3 years ago

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