How can I suggest songs to listen to to my website users?

Working on a product that requires me to suggest songs to users. Does anyone know if I can simply paste the Spotify song link onto my site? To listen to the song, users need to click on link and play it in their Spotify account. Also, some Spotify song links don’t work.. can I use something else instead? There is no affiliate commission or anything involved. Simply suggesting some songs to users. Anyone with experience in this please?


You can share the individual song by grabbing the Embed code in Spotify. To do this, find the song in Spotify and click on the ellipsis, aka the three dots (...) to display more options. Select Share --> Copy Embed Code and place this code where you want the song to display on your website. You will also see other options available. If you choose "Song Link" it will open the song in Spotify.

Another option is to create a playlist of the songs you want to suggest and embed the entire playlist.

If you aren't restricted to using Spotify, you can also embed songs from YouTube or create a YouTube playlist of the songs you want to share.

Hope this helps!

Answered 7 years ago

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