We have a list of 20,000 targeted leads that we’ve never contacted before. What content can we send them to elicit the greatest response?

Since everyone on the list has a physical address, we are thinking about sending postcards. We are planning three initial touch points. What’s an example of a great ad copy that will get people’s attention?


I help companies with their digital strategies and have been a startup mentor.
Follow the sequence, WHY- HOW -WHO.

First discuss the problem and how it is becoming an issue. Also discuss some of the failed solutions which people have been using. Say that you will be sending a possible solution. This will make them curious while not being sales pitch.

Second mail should discuss the solution and how it can help address the issue. This will educate the customers.

Third mail will detail your solution and what exactly you do to implement the solution and solve the problem. Please add customer testimonials as well.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to call me if you wish to discuss further.
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Answered 8 years ago

Greetings. Having owned one of the top 5 national postcard printing and mailing companies and also doing email marketing since 1994, I can tell you your question is a common one.

Fortunately there is a ton of wisdom we have gained over the decades in regards to reaching out to an audience.

Think more in terms what they want, than what will get their attention.

We say: "How can you bless them?" In other words, what can you do FOR them that will make them smile and be grateful.

You didn't mention the type of business or industry.

If they are local, host an event at your place of business and give something for free. (free dessert, free scarve, 1 free room cleaning, free drink/slice etc)

More than attention, you want to build RELATIONSHIP. You want them to INTERACT. You want them to become TRIBE MEMBERS.

If these are not local people...still bless them. FREE CONSULTATIONS are NOT blessings :). What is your targets biggest problem. How much of it can you solve one time as close to free as possible.

This may seem counter-intuitive or unprofitable. But the reality is, people will respond to something that helps them. A free oil change is more likely to get them to come back for your great service in 3 months than a coupon for a cheap one when they don't know you.

Offer a book that will help them with their goals. 10 Mistakes to Avoid when Selling Your House. 5 ways to Get rid of Bedbugs - Today. How To Get 10,000 Social Media Fans in only 90 days. 10 Proven Secrets To Lower Your Car Insurance.

Then inside the book reveal problems and providing best practice solutions. Mention that your firm can help at each solution.

There is a ton of content and a ton of copy that you can use to attract leads.

Postcards are cost effective. Use them, but what you offer and HOW you offer is super important. Be sure to follow up with multiple mailings or with a phone call. If you want a phone call, increase response by using a picture of a phone next to the number.

Use pictures of people, preferably smiling using your product.

Focus on the "whats in it for me" rather than the Features or Benefits.

Make sure the first postcard is just the entry point into your sales process/funnel.

I would love to get on a call with you and help you hash out some copy or develop a mailing marketing strategy.

Answered 8 years ago

Holy haziness, Batman! Gotta smile at your question. As if there is 1 example of "great ad copy" that works universally for everybody and everything!

Effective writing is always precisely tuned to both the topic and the audience. Here we don't know what you're trying to say / sell, nor whom you're addressing. Who ARE those 20,000 people? What do they want? What do YOU want from THEM?

If you've got "targeted leads", great! At whom are they targeted? Retired people in Texas? Teenagers in the UK? Startup CEOs in India? Past customers of a defunct coupon website?

As a writer, the first thing I need to know is what I'm trying to say. Second, I need to know something about the people I'm talking to. Then and only then can I pick a style.

Giving an example of "great ad copy" in this case, given the utter absence of information, ain't possible, old pal.

But I'd love to help.

Writing short-form copy for brochures and landing pages is 1 of the services I offer. For me it goes hand in hand with name creation. Just another part of branding. Getting the copy right is quite important for you.

You can look at this as an experiment in getting signups. Even do some A/B testing, since 20,000 leads is enough to draw conclusions. But this isn't just a transaction. This is where you introduce yourself as a brand. So you'd better know who you are, what you're about, and how you want to be perceived. Don't blow this first impression!

Answered 8 years ago

Having developed new business opportunities throughout the U.S.of A, Canada, Mexico and Africa this process has proven to be effective and rewarding on many fronts. Today Mims Morning Meeting LLC trains, retrains, refreshes and introduces new sales methods and techniques to both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales professionals. This six step process will open new gateways and develop an active funnel pipeline that rewards for years to come.
No one touch solution or contact will net you the result you are seeking. Your efforts must touch the 20,000 suspects no less than 3 to 5 times to ensure maximum results and a blinded penetration. The real trick is taking those 20,000 targeted leads and growing them into a pipeline of future opportunities that work for you year after year.... From conception in March 2005 the Mims Morning Meeting has show professionals just that.
We are ready to receive your calls and explain in detail how we have supported others in this same undertaking.

Answered 8 years ago

Structure your ad like this:

- Start with a question or a statement, such as: "If you...", or "Do you..."
Ex: Do you have a business that sells anything?

- Continue with this line "And you want..."
Ex: And you want more customers and leads, and you want a bigger brand?

- Next "Here's what I've got..."
Ex: Here's what I got

I've recently developed and created a program called XYZ for people who want more customers and qualify more leads...

- Then you say "Here's what it'll do for you..."
Ex: Here's what it'll do for you

You take this program and implement the principles of it in your current marketing strategy.

It will make your prospects and readers enter their emails, now you have more leads.

Then you apply the sales funnel that I tell you in the program so that it will convert prospects into customers.

Sound so good to be true?

You take this program and apply it in 60 days.

If it doesn't work, I insist on buying it at full price.

Yes! I'm offering you "60-Day Money back Guarantee".

(Bonus: you want to make your offer irresistible, so instead of telling your customers to take risks, you want to reverse the risk.

By doing this, you will make people easily say Yes.

You can do this by giving '30-Day Money Guarantee', or some kind of free extra services if customers don't like your products or services)

- Finally, You finish with this line "Here's what to do next..."

This is your CTA, call to action, to make sales.

Ex: Here's what to do next

Click the link below/Call this number to take this program home.

But I have to warn you, this is a limited offer.

I've sold 577 of them through 2 weeks, there are only 123 available.

So grab this program to your home before the program XYZ is on someone's hands.

(Bonus: You want to use the word "take sth home", or "grab sth to your home", or "own this".

That's a sense of ownership.

You don't want to use "Buy".

Thus, you want to create urgency.

People love Procrastination. And Procrastination kills Sales.

So you can do this by using "limited-time offer" strategy).

Answered 5 years ago

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