Early stage cannabis site. It could be worth billions. I'm looking for a team member with startup experience. Where do I find this person?

Ive been in the cannabis industry for over a decade. I helped design one of the largest grow facilities in the United States. I partnered with a tech guru with a Masters in technology. We developed the website and iOS app. (I personally funded it) There is nothing like it. We need a team member with startup experience and industry contacts that will act with URGENCY. We need a KILLER.


The job description of your ideal person is pretty vague. You've told us about YOUR background, and some of your marketing tools, but we don't know a thing about what you're looking for.

-A Killer
-Startup Experience
-Industry Contacts
-Act with Urgency

But who are you looking for?

Answered 4 years ago

I have seen many a cannabis delivery service become a reality but there has to be a distinct differentiator to your product. For instance, a) are you going to partner with postmates for delivery? b) are you going to have a validator on your site for the cannabis cards and their legitimacy? I have a ton of experience in on-demand and sharing economy and would be happy to talk it through with you. Not to mention some killer contacts in the Silicon Valley ;)

Answered 4 years ago

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