What keywords would work for 'general' lifestyle blog about life in Sydney, Australia?

Some time back I started a blog to show my family overseas a bit about my life in Sydney. It includes snippets of life such as local events and festivals, local wildlife, trips we've made, things that are uniquely Australian. I'd like to develop it and get a bigger readership but have no idea what sort of keywords to use, given how general the posts are. Any ideas?


Creating successful (you define what this means) content online, no matter the topic or audience, is dependent upon research. Use online tools such as Google Trends, Google Suggested Search, Keyword Planner, etc., to discover what people are searching for. You can then use this data to create "buyer personas" - which allow you to build profiles of the different types of people that you want to consume your content. Once your buyer personas are accomplished, you can assign specific keywords and phrases to each and begin writing. If you're interested in learning the details of each, along with the next steps, I'd be happy to help! Good luck!

Answered 5 years ago

The audience outside Australia for a blog about life in Sydney will be very small. So if you're looking for a large audience, you might want to blog about something else or else address people in Australia primarily.

For attracting an Australian audience, try this:

Carry pen and paper around with you for a week or two. Every time you see, hear, or remember something distinctively Australian or unique to Australia, jot it down. Even if it's just a turn of phrase, a scrap of local news, or a business establishment, these are elements that you could weave into your blog posts – keywords that might attract passers by who have searched for similar phrases.

For attracting a non-Australian audience, such keywords will be too obscure to magnetize search traffic. You'd have to research what search queries are commonly entered by tourists planning an Australian vacation.

2 very different approaches for 2 utterly unrelated audiences.

Answered 5 years ago

Coming up with the right keywords is an art and a science. I have employed a few different tactics to identify key words and it is possible to limit those to the words in specific locations.

Looking for trending topics in Sydney would help you to narrow down the keywords for a lifestyle blog.

I would be happy to discuss how to find the best key words if you would like to schedule a call for follow up questions.

Answered 5 years ago

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