Where would you start if you were in charge of selling tickets to a world class lecture/seminar about story in business?

The target client is corporate -- marketing teams, executive teams, HR teams. The lecturer has plenty of accolades but his past success has been seminars for creative writers. The business storytelling seminar is new.


I would start with creating a landing page that are talking directly to the target group. Get the lecturer to record a video talking to them and teasing the what they would learn.

Then I would use Facebook and LinkedIN ads targeting my dream customers. And of course a/b test all the way.

Answered 4 years ago

Start with getting partnerships. Partnerships will make or break your success in selling this.

Your partners can bring:
Their engaged lists
Their expertise and reputations
Their business acumen in helping you market and sell this.

You might want to get some branding experts, business experts, and marketing experts on your potential partnership list and do a virtual conference to elevate your status in this space.

If the seminar is online, you might like to check out my course

And here's how I'm marketing a virtual conference that I've got coming up:

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Answered 4 years ago

Create a landing page selling the value and benefits of such a speech.

Then buy ads on LinkedIn and such targeting your corporate marketing directors, executives, and HR groups sending them to the landing page.

Answered 4 years ago

In late 2012 I was launching a new product (for real estate agents). We were going to release the product by hosting a live event. Buy the tools and get the conference free (or vice-versa buy the conference and get the tools free). Same price really. Just a marketing to show how much value there was in the offering.

In order to attract an audience I build a free membership library. 5 PDF reports and 3 audio interviews (case studies). We got 3,000+ subscribers in about 1.5 months. Then, we launched in January of 2013 with a webinar and invited all of the subscribers to attend. The webinar was information packed showing the strategies that we would cover, using the tools, and lastly, pitched the live event. We opened up ticket sales. About 79 sales within the first couple of weeks.

If you're selling high priced tickets start by offering a free opt-in course. Tease the big picture strategies. Create a five step series - video training, PDF reports, etc. Then, present your offering.

That's how I'd go about building an audience who would be interested in what you have to offer anyway.

Answered 4 years ago

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