What is the best timing in the new year to launch business marketing?

I'm preparing to launch a new website and content in the new year and my question is about timing. I want to ensure I miss the holiday season (since my field generally shuts down) and be ready to go when everyone gets back. My gut says mid January. Thoughts?


Hi there!

In few words, the launch date does not matter a lot as long as you are following with a continuous marketing plan all the year. It is better to tune your lunch date according to your marketing campaign than connecting it to the seasonal event. The timing of your launch only matters if your website is already ranked or has a good authority associated to it. Launching a website is not like opening a local shop. The launch date is defined by the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. In other words, your question must be rephrased as: "When is the best time to launch my first marketing campaign for my newly created website?". In that case, you will need to describe in details what kind of website you have and how are you planning to market it.

I would be able to give you a more accurate answer if you explain to me what kind of website are you planning to launch or what products mainly are you selling.

Hope that helps!

Answered 5 years ago

The best time to launch a business is now.

Unless you have serious overheads to considder, I would launch in your quiet time and give yourself the benefit of a gentle ramp.

There are two things that are great at killing a business. Growing too slowly and growing too fast.

Answered 5 years ago

I'll try to answer this question but you really didn't provide enough background info to be real accurate.
You mentioned your business is seasonal, because of this factor many seasonal businesses cannot control the pricing not the demand as much as their competitor could. For your fyi: this called a perfect competition.
Anyway, I think you would be best off promoting right before the season begins. You don't want to start advertising your product or services right when others are already making the purchasing decisions... You want to drive to first buyers to your business in hopes that they provide reviews and referrals to their friends so then they come to you.

The timing would be maybe a month or few weeks before the season & overlapping into the season by a month or month & 1/2... Depending on what your business is and how long the "season" lasts. If is almost through the entire year then yeah keep promoting for longer.

Another word of advice: The efficiency of a marketing campaign depends on what's used for that market.. Tv, email, blog, referrals, surveys, landing page, newspaper, fb, etc... Consider this before you spend your money in the marketing itself :)

Answered 5 years ago

Id look at this question not as "when should I launch", but instead "by when do I want x amount of traction."

Q4 is of course the "money months" when it comes to digital publishing, as ad spend increases for the holiday season.

You're going to be unfortunately missing this, but you can absolutely launch successfully in Jan. as you plan, and build your strategic road map to hit the key goals that would put you where you need to be for this time next year.

Launch, keep metrics, tweak your campaigns, and stay consistent with results year round!

Answered 5 years ago

You mentioned that you wanted to launch a new website and content. With the new year coming many will want to launch “new” items and websites as well. If you are not already I would recommend building as much anticipation as you can prior to launching your website. If you were to launch the website in the beginning of February then you can use Nov, Dec, Jan informing people about the website, building a mailing list and priming your target audience for the arrival of your new website and content.

Answered 5 years ago

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Answered 4 years ago

Great question,
That depends on your business and products. For example,if you run a restaurant,then OMG ... open as soon as possible as New Year approaches. But if you offer financial service,I do not not think anyone would care, so remain close to save the ooerating cost until after New Year. Trust me, I have been in various businesses for the past 36 years.
Again,it all depends on your products and business nature.
Call Clarity and talk to the expert for more information and confirmation.

Answered 10 months ago


As a new founder, I learned that timing is important when it comes to products,services and more when launching a new website. However, the question you should be asking is "Is my services profitable in general?"

No matter what time of the year people are going to want to invest. You have to make sure that this new website serves it's purpose no matter the time of the year. Everyone starts something new in January. But, that doesn't mean that their services will last throughout the year.

Make your content count, no matter the time of the year.

We can discuss more with a follow-up call.

Answered a month ago

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