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It's a balancing act. You're absolutely right in the observation that the hero is the client, but when a coach tells their own story the reader builds trust. They think, "this person had the same struggle as me and understands what the process is like, therefore I will trust the to relate to my problem and the find a solution." A client also likes knowing that others have trusted you prior to them.

But the website should always be focused on what the client needs because and if they need to hear your story and credentials, that's great. But do have content that asks them about their pain points and the results they're looking for.

If your company needs to build its credibility or increase revenue PR is an excellent way to achieve it. The earlier you invest in PR the better story you're telling about your brand and the better results you'll have. Good luck!

The answer to this question is two-fold. Firstly, what's your best answer so far as to what your niche is based on your experience and expertise? Secondly, what is your audience most interested in and responding to? The answer to this will be a sweet spot in the middle. I find that often it simply takes an outside perspective to be able to narrow down a niche. Also remember, you can have more than one niche, as long as you write about them separately. Hope this helps! Happy to answer any further questions.

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