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It does depend on what niche the SaaS is serving, one option is to go the affiliate sales route and provide joint venture partners with the popular opportunity of winning contests with cash or prize payouts. You can contact me for my experience of this strategy if that would be helpful.

What service does your Wordpress product provide? Through my marketing contacts if it is a suitable product and subject to agreement we can promote it to a couple of hundred thousand Wordpress users. Available to have an initial chat at no cost if that would be helpful.

It would be useful to know if it a business or actually a product you want to promote? Once this is established then hone your marketing accordingly. The reality is you will easily burn $1,000 on a test campaign via any of your suggested platforms and know what doesn't work. I would suggest going outside the box and if your product or service is appropriate then consider going down the affiliate sales route. This way you can in the first instance use your $1,000 for affiliate incentives/rewards and then compound aiming for the required ROI so generating funds for the required future advertising budget. Do make contact if you would like to discuss this strategy further.

Many website owners outside of the UK and EU mistakenly believe GDPR is not relevant to them - this is not correct! If your website is accessible by residents in the mentioned territories your platform and processes must be compliant or face the consequences (up to twenty million €s or four percent of global t/o). Interestingly pre GDPR the majority of businesses prosecuted by the Information Commissioners Office went out of business within two years, and GDPR provides the authority with way more power.
So when considering marketing strategies it is vital to be compliant at all times and have robust processes in place that are always followed making sure to have written plans and audits in place should the ICO do an inspection. The reality is unless there is a data breach currently it is unlikely you would receive such a visit due to the sheer volume of work the ICO is charged with, however this could change in the future and so it is vital to be prepared. I have been trained in GDPR compliance and if you would like to go into the specifics for your marketing plans and retention of customer records do make contact

It might sound a bit obvious but to start with you need customers so first and foremost find out where they are. Talk to prospective purchasers, find out what events they attend, what networking groups they are involved with, trade organisations and buddy groups. From this information build your 'ideal customer' profile and along the way you should have collected contact details of many more prospective customers as well! This will also help identify whether there is a market for the product and acceptable price points.
Next on your website create an incentive offer such as 'try the XX product FREE for thirty days' or provide a light version free that has limited functions with an ongoing upsell to the main product. then contact affiliate platforms and invite their publishers to promote the offer.
Contact me if you need further assistance in developing the strategy.

First and foremost you have to be grammatically correct in your presentation. There is nothing worse when trying to attract clients than poor (English) grammar and language skills. If you don't have these abilities engage with someone that can help. If you can't communicate effectively with your prospective customers they will not have confidence in your ability to deliver however technically able you might be. Next source a local (country specific) representative, provide examples of work you have previously completed, produce costed packages so clients know what your typical charges are and provide excellent customer care.
If you would like help to enter the UK market do make contact for further assistance.

A quick way of moving this process along is to type into the Google search box the first few letters of your topic and see what words appear below. Write these words down, then add a couple more letters again write down what appears, complete adding letters to the word and repeat the process with the words that appeared. This will give you keywords from which you can build up the text for your ads. Then add these topic keywords into Google adwords search which will give an indication of interest and competition for the sector you are researching. With this information you can build lists of relevant words into phrases or sentences to use in advertising campaigns.

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