Chris Catris7-Figure Founder. Brand Builder. Ecom Expert.

I've generated over 3million in gross revenue from my e-commerce businesses. Over the last 7 years, I have created over 12 ecom businesses. I have exited notable brands such as (6 figures), (5 figures) and (5 figures). I also operate a Digital Marketing Agency (Bayside Brandings).

I am an expert in the shopify platform including dropshipping, private labeling, white labeling, print on demand and subscription models. I can help you with lead generation, direct purchase, retargeting and email marketing. Together we can develop a road map for your business to improve your online marketing and sales.

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Yes! It is still a good time to get into ecommerce. The online space is still expected to grow over the next 5-10 years. One thing ti clarify is that EVERYTHING comes from overseas. From Target to Walmart, the vast majority of items are not made in america. But we all by from these places. WHY? Because of the brand. We trust these brands. They due their due diligence on product quality, have a clean store, a great return policy. This is why someone will always by from a branded ecommerce store than Ali Express. Hope that helps!

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