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Scaling Organization Strategist. Former COO Mindvalley: I helped them scale 4x in 4 years. I accelerate the growth of humanity-positive companies by developing the organizational infrastructure needed to run a company at scale and create more time ON the business.

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Figuring out questions like this is literally what I do — organizational design. I'm a former COO who implemented OKRs in a 200-person organization and helped shape high-level roles like this.

You could hire a COO for this, and it would be safer to start by hiring a "Head of Operations" (not C-level) and promote from there. What's needed from a COO is more than what you list here. And what you list here, yes, could be one role.

It sounds like there may be more questions around this, including how to shape this role and how to know if someone is a good fit for it, and what to look for.

If you want to go deeper, I imagine a 10 minute call where we go into some more detail would give you a lot of clarity, if this is something you're still considering.

Best of luck. :)

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