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I help startups with technology and management consultancy. Call me to know the best solution to get started with your idea. Have helped more than 20 startups get a 1M value.

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1. A great idea can be started with just S$10000 in hand.

2. If your idea is worth a value today, don't wait for it to be successful. Most idea's fail because the timing is wrong. I suggest you should try to pitch the idea even when you are busy with the freelancing jobs in hand.

3. Incubators help get the idea validated between its peers. It also helps you feel comfortable to share the problems and find solutions together. Remember, incubator is like a great team of founders working together.

4. A good incubator would expect you to come with a team, now the best team size can be 2 people. I believe you can find someone who shares your vision and is able to join you to be part of a incubator.

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