Corky KaericherCo-Founder, CEO at Serious Digital Media, LLC

I have over 30 years of professional technology experience helping nearly every size of company grow and prosper using technology, building teams and coaching individuals. I've been listed as inventor on patents for Fortune 50 firms, and once won an award from the President of the United States (in 1997, Clinton/Gore) for my technical contributions to his administration's initiatives. I have built and sold successful companies myself, and now own and operate a micro-multinational software, digital services and online media company from my off-grid, mountain-top cabin in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of western North Carolina. I can help you get going personally or with your company. Let's talk about how to get things done, save money, better use your time and achieve the kinds of results you want, need and deserve. I'm a no holds barred coach. I'm more like your personal trainer at the gym. I'll help you work out a program, stick to it, and grow in all the right ways. My style isn't for everyone, but if you are NOT looking to be coddled, BS'd or babied, and want to really do the work to get your self and your company fit for success, I'm your reliable coach. When should we speak? The sooner the better. Because the sooner we speak your goals can be realized. I'm in this for YOU. Are YOU in?

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One short answer. Selling private labelled or even better, directly manufactured products via the Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) program. This venture would meet all your criteria.

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