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Agree with Lee von Kraus that you need better screenshots and logo to make the game attractive.

I would also use Reddit as a marketing channel. Post your game under a few different subreddits - ones that favor Trump vs the ones that do not favor Trump.

Finally, it is a long shot, but you might consider emailing a bunch of journalists to see if they would cover it. News folks like to cover anything Trump.

Start from big news outlets and work your way down to small ones. It is time-consuming but free.

You need exposure. Think of creative ways to get free exposure.

Hope this helps.

Here is pricing approach that I have seen used by large companies.

The data provider typical try to align their pricing model as close to their customers model as possible.

Let's say if you are pricing your data to be included in the Bloomberg terminal.

If Bloomberg charges $24,000 per terminal per year to their clients. The data provider might want to have a fraction of that. I have seen some companies charge $60 per year for their data to be included in the bloomberg terminal.

Again, there are a number of different models. Bloomberg, on the other hand, likes the data to be licensed to them at a fixed annual cost irrespective of how many terminals they include it.

There is no one-size-fits-all pricing model for data.

Short answer: Super important.

Here is why:
1. Google explicitly penalizes non-mobile enables websites
2. People have a poor experience on non-mobile enabled websites from mobile phones, which further kick-in other google algorithms to lower your website.

Example: One of the signals google uses to rank a page is the time spent on a website. If someone using a mobile phone comes to your website from Google and jump off it because it doesn't render well. The time spent on website will be low, and google will lower your rank.
3. Mobile internet browsing has officially overtaken desktop browsing -

I would highly recommend not ignoring mobile users when thinking of building a website.

Hope this helps.

I won't trade equity for graphic design.

Design is important. In fact, a good design can make a world of difference, however, unless you are literally selling design, I won't part with equity for it.

End of the day, having a good design is like having vitamins. It keeps you healthy, makes you feel good - and that might be a differentiator for some.

But, I would trade equity for a painkiller. Something that solves a real pain point. It could be engineering, sales etc.

Based on your facts: Both have same functionality and assuming you have done your research with users and they do not have a clear preference.

I would highly suggest starting off with a web app. Here are the reasons:

1. You can get exposure to a website (e.g., inbound marketing, SEM) with more ease compared to a mobile app. You can have a website for a mobile app as well, but then you have to encourage them to go to the app.
2. The product development for a website is typically easier. Example: You can fix bugs on the fly, deploy as many times as you want and when you want. With a mobile app, you need to go through Apple review (for iOS). Yes - there are options with hot code push, but it is not mainstream.
3. Apps usage has saturated. Most people use less than 5 apps ( So even if you get someone to find your app and download it. Getting them to use is a separate story.

A mobile enabled website can do the trick. Especially, if you are in the product-market fit stage, I encourage you to try the web platform first.

Technically you can.

However, I would encourage you to see if you can invest a little bit of time into making the audio work for podcast.

Here is what I mean:
1. Give cues as conversation progresses
2. In a different voice explain concepts
3. Maybe add some music at the beginning, during or at the end.

A very high-quality podcast is Reid Hoffman's Masters of Scale - Check it out.

Most people try to generate a ton of content.

But the internet is full of low-quality content.

You should repurpose your content but still customize it to the platform to make sure you provide quality content to your audience or intended audience.

Hope this helps.

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