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Hi! Congratulations on your impending US expansion! I'd love to provide a perspective if I may. I'm a UK citizen, SaaS expert, now living in the Bay Area. I'm also a member of the UK Government's new GBx initiative which is specifically designed to help provide support to UK companies expanding into the US market.

There are various ways you can progress and I'd urge you to consider a few options, as well as the specific one you've asked about. I've worked with and for a number of companies that have either expanded from the UK to the US or the US to the UK and have seen it go wrong as many times as it has gone right. I'd love to share some of my learnings and help you plot a path that has the best chances of success.

Please feel free to reach out if you'd like to discuss further.

I think the closest I know of to what you're describing is Influitive. Influitive is SaaS software for advocate engagement, including discussion forums. They have a widget that can extend their experience into your app or website.

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