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Hi, thanks for your question and as Kerby said, the strategy is likely to be different depending on the type of business you're in and the customers you're trying to reach. Whichever it is, you need to spell out what your ideal customers' issues / problems are and how you can solve them. That would be a good starting point. Don't wait until you have everything perfect to launch, the main thing is get yourself out there and make yourself known. Networking groups are usually a good way to approach potential customers, you get a chance to speak face-to-face and find out what issues your customers face. Your own website, and somewhere on your website, the opportunity for potential clients to sign up to your mailing list. Social media OK but better used to direct clients to your own website. Best of luck with your new venture!

MailChimp is a good option but as stated earlier, you have to be mindful of emailing recipients in the EU because of the new GDPR (data protection) law. So whichever you use, make sure it's got an "unsubscribe" option.

Good question - my answer is not so much about the content of the newsletter but to draw your attention to the new data protection law being implemented across the EU (General Data Protection Regulations - GDPR) from this month - I appreciate you're planning to ask individuals to subscribe to the service; how are you planning to approach subscribers? particularly EU based ones. Other options (as highlighted in previous answers) might be to use LinkedIn or Facebook groups. I hope this helps; good luck with your new venture.

Hello there, that's an excellent initiative and I understand it is proving costly. What I have seen done in the past was generate some interest in your project by getting involved with the local newspaper - maybe they can run an article on what you're trying to do - so that local people can contribute. A similar project I came across was a few ladies who got together; they got some old fridges (but still in good working order) and got them set up in neighbourhoods where they knew there were needy people - they were filling them with bottled water, dry goods etc. generally stuff that doesn't spoil too quickly and because others got to know about it through the local paper, a number of people got into the habit of buying a couple of extra bags of flour or pasta and leaving them in those fridges so that the very low paid & needy could help themselves. I will try and find the hyperlink to the article and send it to you. I hope that's useful. Kind regards Cecile Scaros

Hi, not sure what business area you offer consulting services. Attend local networking events if you can, people work with people, it always help to be able to put a face to the name. Blog posts & articles are also useful. Another option may be to sign up with an online freelancing agency; depending on where you're based, either a US based one or a UK based one. Happy to assist further if required. Best of luck and kind regards

Hi, as it's a newly acquired business you may want to give yourself some time before changing any procedures. I would rather refer to improvement than change - and involve the existing staff in coming up with improved procedures. As others have also put it, it depends on the procedures you are looking to "change". At the end of the day, it makes sense to ask employees how they can make their work better / easier / more productive - they're the ones who've been doing the work, they might come up with some good solutions to improve processes.
Happy to help further if you're able to share more information.

Hello and thanks for your question. Not sure offering an affiliate link is the right way - I would say you first have to earn their respect and their trust. You need to demonstrate how their work has affected you, how what they're doing has impacted on your own work. Asking for opinion might be too vague; how about asking a specific question about the software you developed or how it works. Hope this helps and happy to discuss further. Kind regards

are you working with your local / regional job centers? they might be able to refer candidates to you, and this service is usually free. You may also wish to consider partnering with driving schools that specifically offer HGV licence training (or equivalent licence requirement to drive school buses). The schools you work with may also be a good way to get referrals. Hope this helps. Kind regards

Hi, you might want to take time to think about the benefits to your sponsors - it sounds like you're trying to sell them advertising space in your newsletter in some way. A bit of research around what your colleagues (i.e. your competitors...) are doing in that field may also help, as will asking your newsletter subscribers if there are any specific products or services they are interested in - in which case, you could use that to offer some sort of article (or advertorial) to potential sponsors. Hope this helps. Kind regards

Hi, I see you've already had some great answers and I will respond along the same lines. These days, it doesn't really matter where you are based - especially with the type of services you offer, you can work remotely from the location of your choice. If you have family or friends in another place, then my suggestion would be to get closer to them - starting up can be tough and when things are not quite going the way you'd like them to, it's nice to be able to meet up with good friends for a drink / meal / movie etc. - strong friendships can help you recharge your batteries... Cost of living is obviously important, especially at start up stage, so don't overstretch your budget by including moving costs etc. which are not 100% necessary at this stage. Hope this helps and good luck in your new venture.

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