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Currently with USA Today. Founder of Muralife and Spyshakers. Jack of all online trades. Previously worked with,, GSI Commerce, and others on various internet projects. Talk to me about things like social media strategy, internet privacy and security, monetizing a website, SEO, PPC, online marketing strategies, Facebook, Twitter, PHP, and MySQL.

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A lot of people are suggesting the consulting route and that is fine. I suggest taking a job that is simple and monotonous which does not require much thinking at all on the job. Mental downtime at work = paid time to plan out your business. Assembly line work, event staff, security guard, truck driving, etc can all work for this strategy. I wrote an internet security patent while working on an assembly line. Assembly line work is boring and thoughtless. Perfect for thinking about something else while on the job. I had a lot of time to think about the patent all day. Then I would come home and write down stuff that I thought about all day and added it to the patent. In this way I was "paid" to write a complicated patent which would have taken the same amount of thought and time if I wrote the patent on my couch at home getting paid nothing. A solid business needs thoughtful planning anyways so why not get paid for it?

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