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Do you think you are ready to have a server for your buiness, maybe you are thinking it is time for an ERP solution. I am here to help, whether you are looking at a Microsoft solution, or an open source, I can help you decide which is best for your business, and then get it implemented.

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The easiest way that will really hit you is, are you turning away business because you can't handle the load?

If that is a yes, then you have to say, how much am I willing to pay a person to do the extra work?

Lastly, the business you are turning away, is it enough for you to pay a person, and still make money or at least break even.

The last one is the one that should really be the decider. If you can pay the person the salary you set in the second question, and still make money after expenses, then yes, you should hire someone. The trickier part is if you only break even.

The reason it is trickier is, maybe based on your current numbers of turned away business you break even, but wit that new employee, you could see an increase in business due to word of mouth and that sort of thing.

The only time you say no to hiring is when it would not make you money, or break even after you hire.

A search of the web found that cryptography is the best use of prime numbers, you could contact RSA, the are one of the biggest security companies in cryptography, here are just two sites I found using this as my search term:

uses for prime number generation

if you algorithm is really as great as you claim, someone will be interested in it I am sure.

These are all specific questions you need to be taking to a Tax attorney, or accountant.

The laws are varied on all of your issues and need to come from one of the places I just suggestied, and not from a get help site. Good luck

Based on Radio and TV ads in the US, anything about flipping houses, weight loss, making money the easy way.

Watch late night TV where you are and see what is selling on Infomercials, trust me if they are selling it as an infomercial, there is probably profit in what they are trying to sell.

Sorry, this is too late for the contest, but ou should be trying to direct market to one of the groups you mention on your website.... Interior Designers

Based on what I see on your site, those would be the people that will want to buy from you most likely.

I think your best bet for an answer has three answers,

1. You need to take the time and call around, no one is going to do this for free for you.

2. Hire a function planner, and let them do the work

3. go to, and hire a person to do all that research for you, and get your answer.

In the end, your question is really a job request, and you should be browsing through the people on this site who may do that kind of work and hire them.

Can you give more detail about what you mean by backup your projects?

This question is super vague... I can tell you about backup software, and backup systems if you are just looking to backup your work so you don't lose it in a disaster.

I just am not sure that is what you mean seeing as you seem to want to share income with whomever helps you on this.

Your question is very vague....

What are you looking for in "MLM" a way to track sales of each of the people?

ODOO is a ERP system, what it tracks is up to you, and how you configure it. Another you might look at is one I support ERPNext.

In the end you should come back with more info in your question, be more specific about what you want, and tell us what you think an MLM module should do for you.

What you are asking for is almost impossible to answer. First off I would want to know from you, what do ou know about Virtual Reality? Because most of the answers are right there in your knowledge. If you know nothing as your question seems to indicate, then this is probably not a venture you really wish to enter.

In general:
Plans: You need to sit down and write a business plan, you need to know what kind of VR you are going to make.

You are going to need computers, and probably some very powerful ones, VR is very graphics intensive and large files and code, so plan on spending 49% of your budget here.

Programmers, graphic designers, QA, the list goes on, you will need some, and they will need to be good at what they do, so expect to spend another 49% of your budget here.

My advice is that if you are not already a computer type guy, working in a place that does this type of work, or something similar, then you need to find a partner who is, and let them help you.

This is personal opinion, more than an answer.

You really needed to decide all this when you first set up the company. You needed to discuss with your partner how much money he was bringing to the table, and if not money the value of his contribution to the company.

In the end CEO, COO, CTO, any other alphabet soup you wish to create are just titles, titles are used for talking wth other companies so that they know what your job is in an organization.

As you grow, you will maybe get a larger board of directors, these will be share holders, and in order to get these you will need to each part with initial A shares in the company, what you need to worry about then is you and your partner always keeping a controlling interest.

But at any time, if you or your partner have a falling out, one or the other of you could get the other members of the board to side with you, giving that board member the voting power to remove or buy out the other, that is just how businesses work. I give Steve Jobs as an example, he founded a company, was CEO, gave up the position of CEO to another, and was eventually voted out of his own company by the board.

If this is what is worrying you, then you are wasting your energy, energy that could be used to make your company great. So stop doing that, and remember this... The past is the past, all you can do is learn from it, the future is uncertain, and you have no real control of it, so all you can do is work on right now, and that is where you should be focusing your energy.

I am sure that others say that one person or the other should have controlling interest and that, I think depends on how they set up their businesses. You started this with a partner, someone I assume you like and want to work with, so why(in my opinion) are you try to gain leverage over your friend?

My last opinion is that perhaps you should add one more person to your board, only because you do not have a deciding vote if things really did come to a 50/50 split. This person does not really need to have any A stock, it just needs to be in your bylaws to say that in the event of a 50/50 split vote by the board this person has the deciding vote. In the future, this person could be the CEO because in most large companies the CEO answers to the board, and is not the controller of the board. But all of this you need to sit down and discuss with all your controlling partners. In your case that is the four of you.

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