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The biggest pitfall most email marketing campaigns include is a focus on a newsletter-style template with photos, boxes, etc.

My email open rate jumped up when I started sending text-centric emails using ConvertKit. They're still technically HTML emails because they include hyperlinks (like you would send a link to a friend) but they're more personal, far more likely to make it through spam filters, and readers find them easier to read.

Beyond that, here are a few tips:

1. Write an engaging, personal headline
2. Draw readers in with the first sentence of your email (Gmail and other ESPs display this alongside the title)
3. Send at the same day and time each week (build consistency, expectations)
4. Ask questions often (replies boost delivery in Gmail)
5. Use before you send every campaign

Hope that helps! If you want to get into more specifics, send me a message or schedule a clarity call.

Did you get denied? Or have you not been approved *yet*?

I'm not sure how Twitter is working through the application process, but from what I can tell it is roughly in order based on follower account with a big focus on who they are and how much their name or personal brand are attached to why people follow them.

Great job looking for users to test your product!

That's an important first step.

Since you're theme is created for a very specific purpose (video gallery publication), I would recommend learning about your target market and find out where they hang out.

Are there specific forums? Facebook groups? What type of person would like to use your theme?

Once you find them, offer them your theme to test it out. Yes, feedback from experts is important (that's what Clarity is here for) but you also want feedback from the average user.

If the average user in your target market can't use your theme, you're toast. So find them and get some help.

You got this!

There are so many different moving pieces in this type of situation, you're best bet is to reach out to an expert accountant.

Personally, I use and recommend Eric from Charitax (

That depends a lot on what assets you have, and what type of business you're trying to create.

Do you already have a MVP version of your product? I hope so, six months in!

One option is to pre-sell your product (beta version) to your audience, which not only helps with financing but also gets them involved with improving the product you're creating.

You do have an audience, right? If not, stop what you're doing or building and go back to that stage.

Don't build products in a vacuum.

Of course, "is it worth it" is a fairly loaded question because a lot of that depends on the goal of your project, your budget and skill set, and the timeline for what you're working on.

If your #1 goal is to promote (and sell) your company/product on a WordPress website then I recommend starting with a pre-built theme and using a page-builder (like to create the functionality and design you're looking for.

Most people spend way too much time and energy on version 1.0 of their site, when they would be better off creating a simple user experience, promoting their product, and upgrading their site as needed once their product is generating sales.

Done is better than perfect!

As a professional blogger myself, I get numerous requests every month to promote different services on my blog, so I can comment from my experience on what has proven effective enough to get my attention and support.

I'm going to assume you're aware of any legal issues here, and not comment on that. Just blogger incentives.

1. Find bloggers who want your product

Don't try to get just any blogger to promote your product or service. Instead, get crystal clear on your target audience and find bloggers who fit that profile.

When you reach out, acknowledge aspects of their platform that relate to your product or service―show them you've done your research (this isn't just a cold call/email).

2. Offer a preview or test

Most bloggers are very cautious about sharing products or services with their audience that they don't have experience with, for good reason!

When you start by offering a free account (even if for a limited time) or a massive discount so that a blogger can explore your service themselves, you're more likely to get a fan―not just an advertising outlet.

3. Offer a compelling incentive to promote

Don't worry about paying per click, instead focus on commissions from converted accounts―that way you're forming a partnership with the blogger in question.

The most effective incentives are purely monetary, and typically represent at least a 30% commission or $25 flat fee (depending on your service).

If you have a recurring service, you can even offer a lower commission if the payment actually recurs every month as customers stick around―that kind of offer is rare, and bloggers love it because it means recurring revenue for them.

4. Offer a discount specific for readers of the target blog

Bloggers love to come across looking like a hero. When I tell people to sign up for a hosting account with A Small Orange using promo code "MEESE" for a discount, they love it! And I do too.

As well, when blog readers see a discount or bonus offer attached to a promotion they're more likely to be excited about the promotion rather than see it as an ad.

In short... make it a win-win. I could go on, but I hope that inspires some ideas.

Of course, if you want to dive deeper into this topic, you're welcome to schedule a clarity call 😉

I'm going to agree with Taylor on this, that your question includes many incredibly specific questions that most people won't have experience with.

That said, I also agree that AffiliateWP ( is your best option for offering multi-level affiliate commissions as well as different commissions on varying products, all within each user's WordPress profile.

As long as you sell your products through one of the many services they integrate with (, you will be able to accurately track all the data you need and automate affiliate payments at many different levels.

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