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First of all you can rewrite your App Store description to be more keyword friendly, for audience to find you easier in the store.
The main way to increase the users today as I see is to change the name of your app. I can find you great keyword for your man style app with a lot of monthly searches.
There are few more great tricks to increase the user base, ask me, I can help you out!

I would concentrate on finding audience on Linked In. That is where you will find the audience you looking for. Let me know if you need help with getting leads on Linked In.

Ionic Framework would be my No.1 choice!
Appgyver just came out with upgrade, you should check it out!

But Ionic Framework rocks!

There are many websites where you can sell your app!

The best place is on www.fiverr.com, auction type of selling!

Make Money By Selling Your App Code Work

You can become an author and start selling your iOS and Android Templates to a huge group of interested people. You can build a Business by Licensing your App Templates, Game Source Code and Components.

About marketing and increasing downloads in app stores send me the link to the app so I check it out.
I do great ASO!

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