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I have used to work with risk analysis and performance report for several international banks in Tirana. Preparing important data for Board of Directors gave me the experience to see big companies on a different view.

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You can build based on your traffic a fee for backlinks based on industry and it could be a price list for 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars, ..., 5 stars.

By saying so you can stimulate entrepreneurs and blogers to engage people to vote on a small widged you can build and put on their website in order to pay less if they have 5 stars and more to have the traffic needed to grow if they have a ratio of 1 star.

You can simply use Microsoft Excel and its filters.

Filter the data and click on the filter of the colum where similiar texts are. After that use "contains" filter and put a kew after the last column of your data.

Excel is a great tool that you can use it also for grouping the data and analyse it.

It dependa on which phase of your study you are but google form is a great tool also.

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