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Not to reiterate on what has already been mentioned, something I always look at is what is the user intention when they hit your site. Meaning, did they find your site through organic Google search? If so, what keywords are people using? If paid ads, where are the ads placed? What do the ads say?

Once that is determined, you need to manage the user thought sequence. There is some form of interest from the customer because they landed on your site. Any ad or keyword offers somewhat of a "promise" that your site will provide certain information. Are you delivering on that promise?

To analyze this, a lot of times you can see how a user flows through your site. Are they landing on the landing page, then they move to the "Product" page, then the "About" page? If so, your messaging might not be clear on the page they enter your site on - as they are seeing more information.

Also, look at what devices people are using. Are you getting high amounts of mobile/tablet traffic? If so, is your site user friendly on those platforms?

Hopefully this helped. If you have any specific questions, feel free to message me.

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