Danila NikolaevProduct management and monetization strategy

I create technically advanced, well designed and profitable products that are among the best on the market

Launching Russia’s first and most complete online TV Series aggregator — show.afisha.ru . During the process of product creation reached 50/50 revenue share agreements with 9 content provider.

Launching online version of Afisha magazine — mag.afisha.ru.
Re-launching of kassa.rambler.ru including creating a new advertising format for MasterCard and PayPal services which brings 4,5 million rubles per month. Soon after re- launch Kassa replaced its competitors at most distribution channels.

Launching ultimate restaurant guide — Afisha restaurants on three platforms simultaneously (desktop, iOS, Android). Introducing local advertising as a new mechanism of monetization for restaurants. Two weeks after launch the service earned its first million rubles.

I'm relaunching and try to rejuvenate the oldest Russian general classified irr.ru now

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They need for improve their SEO and raise link weight on the website. Call me if you want to know more about how it works

Hi! First of all i recommend to pitch your product to a community that represents your market , then give them free access to basic features that will complete most common scenarios and create premium features that will convert happy customers to paid users.

I'd be happy to talk further with you about setting up market adoption of your product if you'd like to give me a call sometime

Hi! First of all I recommend to make a pitch deck for yourself that completely describes your product, user needs, market and theirs validation and lay down money after you will be confident with that document on proof of concept (it will cost you much less then creating MVP).

I'd be happy to talk further with you about the difference between MVP and proof of concept stages and help you to set correct KPI to each of them regarding your product

Hi! It seems you have not enough traffic to use media banners like main revenue source. I recommend to use native advertising formats in explainatory journalism genre, when you describe the advantages of different commercial products. You need to follow several points to make it happened and not ruin your media:
1) Make the unit economy model where you should reflect costs of production and price for one article or special project
2) Always mark paid articles that it was created specially for your partners and make it helpful for your users
3) Build a landing page where you describe the format advantages and hire someone who can sale it

Good Luck!

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