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I'm a fractional CMO. I identify core value and create a growth plan to attract the right consumers and/or customers. I've got first-hand experience growing startups from 0 to hyper growth and creating traction for changes at major corporate brands. I create authentic, scalable growth & a playbook for your team. I use the best growth strategies & tools for your business - growth hacking, influencer marketing, social media marketing, SEO, referral programs, email, content marketing, sampling, community building, research, notifications, PR etc. I help to tie it back to LTV or ROI to create a sustainable business model.

Experience in B2B, SaaS & Direct-to-Consumer business.

Consumer and influencer marketing expert with 15+ years experience. SVP of Member Strategy & Growth Marketing at Crowdtap, a marketing company and one of the top 5 fastest-growing marketing companies in the Inc. 500 two years in a row. Prior to that she was a founding member and CMO of, social activation platform, CMO for Cravebox a VC-backed B2C service and spent 8 years at HSBC Global E-business launching P2P global payments app and global digital media. CMO of Shopography a social shopping app for just about anything. NJ 2016 Best Early Stage Business Winner, Shoptalk speaker and MIT & Fashion Tech lab finalist.

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I have experience with direct to consumer growth, referral growth and WOM for startups and large corps.
Your plan makes sense but I think you could test a few key elements to identify the most effective approach for your goal.
Is your primary goal to get more people to view the site through referrals or is the goal to drive more people to complete the purchase of products?
- Do you have the ability to give a product as the goal? EG. A one size accessory for referring 3 friends? A tangible product may work better than a discount in this case.
- I have found that giving users a big discount/offer to give to friends is most effective especially when you want them to share Fashion.
- You can create a feedback loop to confirm if the offer is correct or if there is something else preventing referrals.
- Do you have cart technology on your site? If you do there are a number of plugins that can help you test and manage this type of hack to avoid the potential hurdle of facebook sign up.

I think I probably need a few more details to be really useful on this question. I'm happy to chat if you'd like to arrange a call.

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